So, what's your story?

We provide a flexible and user friendly way of adding content via cards so you can tell your story the way you want. Customize each card with pictures, videos, plain simple text, skills, or even a timeline.
Custom background

A good background image is worth more than a 1,000 words when telling your story. Family picture? Travel memory? Precious moment? you decide.

Call to action

A website with a purpose. Which ever the purpose is 'contact me', 'hire me', 'recommend me', all? there's a button for that.


Post content within cards to give it a context: 'About me', 'Work experience', 'Skills', 'Award', you name it.

Mobile friendly

Contact anyone, anywhere, anytime. A self-updated employee directory is the key for integrated teams.

Biz card like a pro

How awesome would your business card look with just your URL:

You're your brand

Designers, Devs, Entrepreneurs, Students whichever your profession is you need a website, not a social profile.

Be visible

As simple as this, if the internet doesn't see you, you don't exist.


Simple pricing, no hidden fees.


  • 5 content cards

  • Auto-generated URL

  • 1 call-to-action